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Thursday, 18 May 2017 08:30

Newly-appointed Education administrators urged to “adopt productive habits”

“Character is constant but personality changes.”

This notion was amplified yesterday by Chief Education Officer [ag], Mr. Marcel Hutson, when he addressed an orientation session for newly-appointed administrators within the Region Four Department of 20170518

The event, which was held at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development [NCERD] in Kingston, Georgetown, embraced the theme “Break through to effective leadership. Make it happen! Make it matter!”
But in order to achieve this ambitious goal, Hutson said that there is need to develop one’s character rather than personality since “the character that you see is what you will get every time.”
In building character, he underscored the need for persons to also adopt productive habits including a move towards building trusting relationships, balancing different roles, allotting time to attend fairly to various responsibilities and relationships.
“Think positive and show empathy,” stressed Hutson, as he assured that in so doing, positive results are more than likely to follow.
In fact Hutson told the recently-appointed Heads of Departments, Deputy Heads of Departments and Senior Masters and Mistresses who attended the orientation session that “effectiveness can be learnt, so don’t let anyone fool you and say because you have not been performing well that you have to remain like that all the time…That is not true, people could learn to be effective,” Hutson insisted.
Hutson in his deliberation to the administrators made it clear that they have been given an opportunity to impact the system. And according to him, “I am cognizant that some of you were here before, because for you to become a Head of Department, you had to be a Deputy…”
As such, he issued a charge to the gathering that “now is the opportune time for you to turn the spotlight upon yourselves. Do some self introspection and examination, and if you find that you have not been performing to a certain level, it is time to change your ways.”
This move is imperative, Hutson said, since “this nation needs you, our children need you, the people of this country need you. [Your appointment], it is more than just a promotion, it is an opportunity to impact change on the habits of highly effective people.”
People who are effective, Hutson noted, have certain identifiable behavioural patterns. As such he related that the quality of an individual’s work could be easily discerned if one was to spend a few days in their work environment.
“You can determine after two or three days that this is a place where inefficiency and ineffectiveness exist or this is a place where there is efficiency and effectiveness because of the habits and disposition [exhibited] towards what is done,” Hutson explained.
As such, the Education CEO shared with the administrators some of the habits that a highly effective person should exhibit. In so speaking, he stressed the need for them to be cautious of what they do, as “the character of an individual can essentially determine what an individual’s destiny is.”
“It is character that will get you to wherever you want to go. Never mind that you might have a PhD or you might be in a position of power, it is character that will keep you and get you to where you want to go,” said Hutson. He however stressed that “although character is key and critical, it is an area that people don’t look at, since to measure that could be very complicated.”


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