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Little doctors, nurses, Teachers, policemen and a pilot…Check them out at Amelia’s Ward Primary!

Pupils of Grade Two of the Amelia’s Ward Primary School on Friday ditched their uniforms to dress as nurses, teachers, policemen, construction workers, doctors, postmen, bakers and chefs, and even as 20170320 1

According to teacher Wenette Amsterdam, the idea for the career day ‘project’ was hatched during a recent grade level Teachers conference.
“It was actually Teacher Tiffiny Hermanstyne that came up with the idea for the children to choose a career, dress the part and come to school.”

Amsterdam said that the objectives of the assignment were to offer pupils a glimpse of the wonderful future ahead of them, enforce the importance of positive choices, and strengthen their appreciation and understanding of the important role each community worker plays.
Amsterdam pointed out that some of the pupils selected their careers based on those that were covered in class, while others were creative and pursued their own initiatives.
“Rasheed John for instance was one such pupil- he wanted to be a pilot and would settle for nothing else. So he was the lone pilot. “news 20170320 3
Amsterdam said that she was overwhelmed with the response from both the children and their supportive parents.
With three weeks to prepare, parents were tasked with acquiring the appropriate ‘work gear’ for their children, while the children had to prepare themselves for an oral presentation on their particular career choice, along with their roles and responsibilities.
So it was that on the big day (Friday) the pupils turned up for school, not in their uniforms but dressed in the work gear of their chosen career.
The “policemen,” of course, arrested many of the children that committed some serious “misdemeanor.”
Teacher Angela Joaquin-Williams noted in amusement, “Some of the children came to me and said, ‘Miss, look some children getting arrested on the corridor!’ These children had so much fun, that they are not likely to forget this day in a long 20170320 2
Class Teacher Wenette Amsterdam challenged the children to dream big and to always keep their dreams alive.
She also encouraged them to choose careers that they loved, and to work hard in pursuance of their dreams.
However, if that did not work out, it was okay to switch careers because sometimes as they grew older their perspectives on some things are likely to change.
Another teacher on reflecting on the project noted, “These children looked so good and they were so proud of themselves- they were modelling all over the place. The girls especially had their bags slung over their shoulders and were operating like real professionals.
Of course the boys were not to be outdone, and according to Amsterdam, Jaden Joseph who chose to be a doctor, complete with chart and a real stethoscope around his neck, requested she subject herself to an “examination.”
Amsterdam in reflection posited, “I was only too happy to oblige, and he was in turn happy to provide me with his diagnosis, which was – you’re okay Miss….. I was relieved, who wouldn’t be!


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