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Saturday, 18 March 2017 08:58

BIT graduates 69 in Linden

Sixty Nine youths from Region Ten graduated Friday from the National Training Programme for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE) executed by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).news 20170318

The graduation which was held on Friday at the Linden Technical Institute saw the attendance of Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Keith Scott; Assistant Director of Youth, Leslyn Boyce; Region Ten Chairman Rennis Morian; and Regional Executive Officer- Region Ten, Gavin Clarke.

Courses offered during the training included auto mechanics, welding and fabrication, catering and cake decoration, information technology and office procedure, personal computer repairs, heavy-duty equipment operation, care for the elderly, catering and commercial food preparation, and other life skills.
Minister Scott encouraged the graduates to take into consideration the cooperative movement, stressing that it is the way to go. Minister Scott said that the Co-op movement has the ability to be an economic driving force for the development of Linden.
He added that over the years, Linden has produced persons who have contributed significantly to the development of Guyana. The graduation of the youths from the skills training programme Minister Scott stated, indicates that “Linden is once again on the move.”
The Minister also congratulated the parents of the youths for encouraging them to pursue a life skill.
Region Ten Member of Parliament, Jermaine Figueira, said that the graduation of the youths marks the achievement of a milestone.
The training programme also saw several persons with disabilities among the graduates.
Figueira also commended them. “We have in the midst some young people who are differently abled, who are graduating with you today, and I believe that is indeed commendable.”
The MP added, “It goes to show that when opportunities are provided and they are grasped, irrespective of our abilities that some might want to judge, if we take that time and employ the efforts that are needed, I believe success will come despite the disadvantages some of us may have.”
The MP also encouraged the graduates to take advantage of the lending institutions and to make use of the skills by becoming entrepreneurs. The skills acquired by the youths, according to Figueira, can create niche markets in Linden.
“You have a skill that is needed in our community and our country, but that skill I believe should not be given to an employer, but for you to create your own employment,” the MP explained.
The Assistant Director of Youth said that she was extremely proud to see the youths graduating from the BIT training programme.
“Just seeing you walk out there, I felt a joy in my heart,” Boyce said. “I am a testimony, I was a school dropout, I was a teenage mother and I can tell you today, I am at the University of Guyana pursuing my masters… do not be products of circumstances, be a product of decisions you make,” Boyce charged the youths.
Meanwhile, Regional Executive Officer Gavin Clarke, also congratulated the youths on their achievement. “What you would have achieved here today, is not anything small, it is great… and you should be proud of yourself.”
The REO noted that what they have achieved should not be the end, but encouraged them to use it as a stepping stone to achieve greater things.
Clarke noted that the Regional Democratic Council will continue to support the youths’ development in the Region.


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