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Sunday, 24 January 2016 00:00

Linden’s riverain schoolchildren get boat

…as President Granger’s 3Bs programme goes to Region Ten

Positing that education is top priority, and that his administration would do everything in its power to ensure that every child in Guyana is given equal access, President David Granger took his ‘Boats, Buses, Bicycles Programme’ to Linden.
He said that in pursuit of having the children pursue education he established what is now known as the three Bs programme to provide transportation for the children.

The President was at the time speaking to a large gathering in front of the Region Ten Offices of the RDC on Coop Crescent, Linden, before he commissioned a brand new boat to be used to transport children to school in the Upper Demerara River.
Before cutting the ribbon to officially commission the boat, President Granger told Lindeners that he wanted to ensure that every child gets to school, and that is why he is committed to providing boats, bicycles and buses. He also alluded to another B- breakfast, which is a project to be soon launched for students.
President Granger said that Region Ten is the best connected Region and the only one that has access to the three main rivers, Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. “And so we get to the boats.”
He highlighted the plight of children in far flung and remote and riverain communities. He said that it was by visiting these riverain communities that he got the idea about boats. At the time he was in the opposition.
He also reflected on visiting Trafalgar in the Berbice River and talking with a little girl who told him how her parents had to spend $6,000 a week on transportation for her to get to Berbice High School in New Amsterdam. He spoke of visiting the Pomeroon where he saw children who had to pay thousands of dollars to get to Charity. He elaborated further by referring to the children who paddle back and forth to school in communities such as Malali up the Demerara River-and how tired they must be by the time they get to school in the mornings.
President Granger said that those were the scenarios that prompted him to find ways to help these children to get to school without incurring such costs to their parents.
He alluded to the high rate of school dropouts, noting that every month some 400 children drop out of school, some never to return again, because their parents cannot afford transportation costs.
He said that part of the solution to the problem is to provide transportation for those children. President Granger thanked the Minister of Social Cohesion for her commitment to the project, seeking ways of assisting children to get to school. The project first started on the President’s birthday last year, when he received the first boat.
The President exhorted the Regional Administration to launch an education trust fund and promised to put “real” money to ensure that children in need are kept in school and don’t have to drop out, because their parents cannot afford to send them to school.
Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valerie Adams-Patterson, applauded the initiative. She exhorted the recipients to take care of the boat and to utilize it for its intended purpose.


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