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Thursday, 02 April 2015 09:43

NGSA results expected on or before June 4

Results for the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination are expected on or before June 4, and Education Minister Priya Manickchand anticipates excellent results from students who are sitting the examination.The Education Minister made this disclosure yesterday during her visit to bid good luck to the students of the Lachmansingh Primary School who are currently sitting the NGSA exams.

As a result of the improvements in the education sector, the Minister noted, “more of our children are expected to well at this year’s NGSA exams.”
She further stated that “over the years children have been doing better and better, as we are at the best place that we’ve ever been in the history of Guyana where more of our children are passing 50% and more in every subject area.”
The Minister, recalling the performances of the students last year, stated that students received top marks from all across Guyana and that was most definitely a symbol of improvement.

Exciting Time

Minister Manickchand in high spirits declared that this is an exciting time in the country, where more parents can expect that their children will do well, because Guyanese have access to education in a way that they never had before.
“Everywhere in the country, everyone of primary age can access a primary school, hence allowing Guyana to achieve the milestone of universal primary education,” she said.
She noted that Guyana has the highest number of trained teachers, which now stands at more than 72% – meaning that children are more likely to get a solid education.
Apart from that she disclosed that learning aids, teaching aids, textbooks, exercise books, and in general Guyana’s educational resources have improved tremendously- in the sense that they are now more equitably distributed across the country, allowing every student in every region to have access to them.

Early Announcement

Minister Manickchand also emphasized that bringing the results in on or before June 4 is another improvement, because this was something they weren’t able to say in previous years.
Apart from that she also indicated that there has been no increase in the number of children writing, noting that last year it was around 17,000 students, compared to the present number which stands at 15,200 students. This, she stated, is evidence of a reducing population and nothing else.
However, she stated that there have been reports of very smooth implementation of the exams across the country, and no reports of any mishaps. The exams are expected to go smoothly, she added.
Meanwhile during her visit to the school, as the anxious students were awaiting their exam paper, Minister Manickchand took some time to issue words of encouragement to them, and also gave a word of prayer for the students.
The Minister also lauded the teachers and parents for their hard work which will in turn contribute to the success of the students.


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