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Wednesday, 22 October 2014 08:40

Church of Jesus Christ donates $4M generator to ‘Carnegie’

The collaboration between the Carnegie School of Home Economics (CSHE) and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (CJCLDS) in Guyana, has been strengthened with the donation of a $4 Million plus 55 KVA generating set with standby application.

The 60HZ single phase 220/127 volts generator, with a capacity to supply power to all the buildings in the school compound, was earlier installed by the Ministry of Education and yesterday officially handed over to the school by Mr. W. Barrow, Representative of the Church. During a simple handing over ceremony witnessed by representatives of both sides, as well as the Ministry of Education, the generator was turned on and the ceremonial ribbon cut.

Chairman of the Board of Governors of Carnegie, Mr. John Seeram, acknowledged that in recent times CSHE has been in partnership with quite a few stakeholders, but expressed pride at being engaged in a partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
On behalf of the Board, the management and staff of both CSHE and the Craft Production Division, he extended sincere thanks to the Church for its donation of what he referred to as “a much needed generator.”

Power Outages

Noting that the school is in dire need of such equipment, Seeram referred to the frequent power outages which plague the institution, ultimately affecting its productivity in a number of ways, including:

  • Class lectures and assignments so that work of support staff cannot proceed as normal.
  • Equipment such as copiers, computers and their accessories, air condition units – all of which cannot be used to their full capacity.
  • Production of food in the training kitchen cannot be undertaken and completed on a timely basis.

“With this generator, there is every likelihood that productivity can be maintained, both in the education delivery and in the functioning of the various departments in this school and in the Craft Production Division (CPD), Seeram asserted.

The generator is an essential piece of equipment which entities such as the Carnegie School must have at its disposal. Carnegie is making a significant contribution to national development in education delivery and also in its catering and restaurant activities, he added

Meanwhile, Principal Mrs. Penelope Harris who also expressed thanks to the donors, recalled that about two years ago, Elder and Mrs. Robert Beecher, representatives of the Church, approached the Carnegie with a proposal to do something for the school, as part of their humanitarian effort. “Vice Principal Myrna Lee was enthused and readily suggested a generating set, given the fact that we run day and evening programmes and have a high demand for power,” she said.


A partnership agreement was entered into with the Church supplying the generating set and the Ministry of Education assuming responsibility for the installation and maintenance. Additionally, the school will be responsible for training a number of persons from the Church in full-time programmes, as well as day and evening programmes. It will also be conducting some group training in skills related to home economics.

Meanwhile, in brief remarks, Mr. Barrow of JCLDS, bringing greetings from President and Mrs. Paulson at their headquarters in Utah, USA, noted that they were overjoyed to be part of this project. Barrow recalled that the Founder of the Church, Joseph Smith contended that a man who is filled with charity looks for opportunities to serve and to bless other people’s lives, noting that this is what the project was all about.

“This is one of many projects that have been created in Guyana, for the benefit of the citizens,” Barrow said, adding that it smacks of being a symbiotic interrelationship of mutual benefit . He said the Church is not just about the spiritual aspect, asking, “How can a man be spiritual with himself, after his temporal needs are not met?”

President Clive Hugh Chin, First Counsellor in Georgetown/Guyana District said the Church welcomes the opportunity for being in partnership with the CSHE in this regard. He assured that the partnership between the two entities is something that the Church would continue to work towards, not only in this venture, but in others to come. He was also gratified that the Church has members who are also students of the Carnegie School of Home Economics and so can uplift their standard of living, and most importantly their temporal heights. To this end, he concurred with Elder Barrow that the spiritual and temporal needs must go hand in hand, and bearing in mind that, “Charity is the pure love of Christ.”

And National Director of Public Affairs, Ms Rowena Bowen, commenting on some of the humanitarian activities of the Church in Guyana, alluded to the Bay Rock community centre at Linden. It is a joint effort with the Humanitarian arm of the U.S. Embassy and was commissioned on October 4 last. The U.S. Embassy constructed a part of the building and the Church donated sewing machines, computers, gas stoves, refrigerators, and microwave ovens to help with the Centre’s programme to train the members of the community to become self-reliant.

“We want to bring the Church out of obscurity so we are working along with a lot of organisations to be a charitable as we can, in helping others to experience the love that we have for them. As a Church we also have a self-employment centre set up for young people,” Bowen said.


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