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Uniform Voucher 2019 - List of Business Places where one can purchase school items with the School Uniform Voucher

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 2

1.Darvl Khan, Anna Regina Old Market, Stall #3 and #8, Essequibo Coast.
2.Laikat Alli, Z. Laikat Alli & Sons Family Store- 50 Cotton Field Essequibo Coast
3.Tularam Ramkissoon General Store – 124 Belle Plaine, Wakenaam Essequibo Island
4.R and R Fashion and General Supplier of Stall No.1 Supenaam Market, Essequibo Coast
5.N.S. Lall General Store- lot 1 Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast.

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 3

1.Robal Nebar – 44 Wine Bush, - Leonora Market
2.Vickram Singh Garment Manufacturing – 6 South Section Canal # 2 WBD
3.R. Tularam and sons – 10 Malgre Tout, West Bank Demerara.
4.A & S General Store – H’ New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop
5.Payless Variety Store- 28 Stelling Road, Vreed En Hoop
6.Mohabeer Singh, Guyana Textile Imports, 70 Boodhoo Housing Scheme. WCD
7.Vickram Singh Garment & Manufacturing, 6 South Section Canal No. Polder, West Bank Demerara
8.Marina London, Marina’s Fashion and Design, No 28 Village, East Coast Berbice
9.Mohabeer Singh, Guyana Textile Imports, 70, Boodhoo Housing Scheme.Blankenburg West Coast Demerara
10.Anand’s Store – lot 301 N1/2 Parika Highway,East Bank Essequibo
11.Melisa Internet Café and Printery-318 Parika, East bank Eassequibo
12.Angel’s Collection 318 Parika,East bank Essequibo
13.Gadai Deonarain’s Variety of stall No. 210 B, Leonora Market,
14.S.Motilall’s Variety Shop of 11 fair Field Essequibo coast
15.Lowknauth Kawal- Kawal and son’s supermarket, pharmacy and variety story of 317 Parika.
16.Lalldeo Bukhan and son’s General store of 252-254, Parika, EB Essequibo

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 4

1.P. Datt Variety Store, Beezie Enmore
2.M. Khan General Garment– 80 L B I, Housing Scheme ECD
3.DAT General Store – 64 Good Hope, E C D
4.Puran Lachhman, P. Lachhman & Son’s Grocery and General Store
5.Ellen Mahase – 61-62 Blossom Scheme, Enmore
6.Gaitree’s Boutique – Stall #32 Annadale Market East coast Demerara
7.Primo Sewing Establishment – 23 Company Road Buxton, East coast Demerara
8.Danraj Harold – Danny Tailor Shop – 490 Phase 1, Good Hope, East Coast Demerara
9.G. Hamid Grocery – 692 Eighteenth Street, Foulis ECD
10.Tulsidai Mansah – T. M’s Collection Boutique – Stall No. 331, Lusignan Market ECD
11.FADE Fashion and Décor Enterprise, 151 Nelson Street, Mocha Village, East Bank Demerara
12.Creative Thinking Stationary Hub of lot 70, Sideline Dam, Triumph
13.Nandranee Haitram of Beezie Enmore East Coast Demerara
14.BJC Variety Store of lot H Section A Golden Grove Village, President’s Collage road
15.Odetta Lyte of lot 451 section A 14 field Sophia
16.Chandranie-Shivo’s Super Centre, lot 1 section D Non Pariel, ECD

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 5

1.Audrey Rigdy, Audrey General Store – 461 Ithaca Village, WBB
2.Patricia Charles, Patricia Boutique, Machicony Market
3.Mersha Enterprise of lot 21, Zeskendren, Machaicony, east coast
4.Ann Muir Sewing Establishment of lot 95, Railwayline, Mahaicony,ECD
5.Jagessar Singh- J.Singh & Son’s Supercentre of lot 1B, LaRasionable, Mahaicony ECD
6.Double ‘G’ General Store of 17, Farm, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara
7.Congenial Supercentre – 38, Virginia Village, Cane Grove East Coast Demerara.

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 6

1.NJ’s Stationery & Gift Centre – 176 Public Road, Rosignol, West Bank Berbice
2.Jasmatie Singh Variety Store – 19 Bush Lot, WCB
3.Bridge Jodha, Jodha Haberdashery Stalls – 19-21,43-48 Municipality Market Corriverton, Berbice
4.Ramcharran & Satranee Garment Shop - 7 South Public Road, Rose Hall
5.Jameel Uddin General Store - #71 Village, Corentyne
6.Natasha Singh D and N Singh & Sons General Stores, 11C Bush lot Berbice
7.Adrian Hansraj, A and U Variety Store – 7 ‘A’ D’ Edward Village, Berbice
8.Gordon’s Stationery – 14 Pitt Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice
9.Joshua Bissoon – Bissoon’s Business Enterprise – Corriverton Market,
10.Sunita Garment Corner – 79 Municipal Market
11.Judith April Business Enterprise – 79 Municipal Market Corriverton
12.Payless Variety Store- Pitt Street New Amsterdam
13.Hardyal and Daughter True Value Store – 14 Pitt Street N a Berbice
14.Jameel Uddin General Store – 71 Village Corentyne Berbice & Lot 28 A No. 57 Village Berbice
15.Tula Persaud, T.P. Udit General Store. 14 Pitt Street, New Amsterdam
16.Marina London- Marina’s Fashion and Design 781 No.28 Village west coast Berbice
17.Avinash Store- lot 12-13Matthew Alleyne Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice
18.Razeena in Style Fashion Store – 262 Rosignol W.C Berbice
19.Natasha Singh – Lot 11 Section C Bush Lot West Coast Berbice
20.Priyadharshanie Singh – 348 Bathsettlement West Coast Berbice
21.Mohamed Mursalin – 272 Rosignol Village West Coast Berbice
22.D.N Singh and sons General Store of 11 C Bush lot Village, West Coast, Berbice
23.Phulmuttie Boodhoo, A&S Supermarket, 178 “A” Rosignol West Bank Berbice
24.Jasmatie Singh, Variety Store – Lot 15 C, Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice
25.Amber’s Variety Store of lot 130 Ituni Housing Scheme Demerara River.
26.Bridge Jodha, Jodha Variety store –67, Section B, West Road, No.78 Village Corriverton, Berbice
27.Razeena in Style Fashion Store-262, Public Road, Rosignol village west Bank Berbice

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 9

1.Theresa Torres C&T Variety of 116 Lethem, Rupununi

School Uniform Agencies

In Region # 10

2.Mayfil Green Variety Store, Mackenzie Market
3.Romain Hodgson Shoe World, Stalls # 0-71 Mackenzie Market
4.Zola’s Variety Store, Stall 1132, Mackenzie
5.Yvette Ann Leitch, 82-83 Mackenzie Market
6.Phyllis Corner, Stall #4 Mackenzie Market
7.Triple ‘A’ Stationery & Book Centre, Booth # 6
8.Jevon & Denise – 65&66 Mackenzie, Arcade, Linden
9.P.Fordyce Garment of stall 53-54, Wisar market, Linden
10.June Vangenderen -UNISTOP Stall - 67 & 68 Wismar Market Linden
11.Haimwantie Bisnauth Blounte, Geeta Variety Store, Stall 011-58, Mackenzie, Cuffy Square, Linden.
12.Daljeet Hardyal, Hardyal and Daughter True Value Store, 14-8 Pitt Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice
13.Merlyn’s Jones, Merlyn’s Variety Stall of 73, Mackenzie Market
14.Alli and Sam Enterprise of Stall 011-28, Mackenzie Market

School Uniform Agencies

In Georgetown

1.Guyana Stores Limited, Water Street
2.Milton Brandford, COLOUR 70 E Robb Street, Lacytown
3.Payless Variety Store, 42 Wellington Street
4.Foot Step Mall, Regent & Camp Streets
5.The Family Store, Robb & Savage Streets (GPO Building)
6.Ravina & Avinash Complex, 17 ‘A’ Water Street, Georgetown
7.Aniroud Stationery, Croal Street
8.METRO, Croal Street & Quamina Street
9.Bhagwan’s Store, 18 A Water Street
10.Shoppers Paradise, 104 Regent Street
11.Ann & Sons, Bourda Market
12.Janice Babb - Stall #8,9 Bourda Market
13.Shamdas Kirpalani – 6A Water Street and 107 Regent Street. G/town
14.K.D. Vaswani – 109 Regent, Lacytown G/town
15.Brassonic LTD – 42 Water Street G/Town
16.Alicia Barker -Alicia’s Variety – Stall #94, 99-102 Bourda Market
17.Gobin’s Variety & Gambio, 96 Regent Street. Lacytown
18.A.A.N and J’s Fashion of lot 451, A field Section 14 Sophia, Georgetown
19.Chow General Store – 307 Independence LaPenitence
20.C & M Children & Men Outfit fashion 131 Regent Street
21.R. Sookraj & Sons – 108 Regent Street, G/town
22.Muneshwers Limited – 45-47 Water Street. G/town
23.William Fogarty Limited – 34-37 Water Street P.O #10320, Georgetown
24.Alim Shah- 97 Regent, Lacytown Georgetown.
25.Marion Shepherd, Marion’s Me Stop Shop - 49-50 Bourda Market Bourda G/Town
26.Gaitry Sewnauth – Stall No. E. Section 1 LaPenitence Market G/Town
27.Simone McClintock- Trandy Shade and Fabric – 56 James & Barr Albouystown, Georgetown
28.Roseamond Jacobs, Roseamond Variety, 101 Public Road, Regent Street
29.Athina ‘sVaiety Store,lot 9 longden and Commerce street, Georgetown
30.Anand’s Discount Store-lot 108 Regent Street, Georgetown
31.Sarah Rodrigues- Harris Fabric of Stall No. NBourda of 1328 west Minister WBD
32.Adeyemo Dorris, A@A Copy Centre Stationery Shop and Internet Café – 19 Prince William Street
33.Milton Brandford, COLOURS of 70 E Robb Street Lacytown, Georgetown
34.Giftland Office Max- Turkeyen
35.Caroline Super Fashion of stall 172, Vendor’s Arcade, Water street Georgetown.

School Uniform Agencies

In Bartica

1.Indrani’s Fashion, 15 First Avenue Bartica
2.Savita Anita Singh,25 1st Avenue, Bartica

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