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The Minister noted that “Guyana and its Government will no longer stand by shaking its head nor laughing out loud as the Oh my God of the fate of our youths has galvanized us into action,” says Hon. Nicolette Henry as efforts to fuel Youth empowerment have increased.

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Friday, 08 November 2013 14:07

Training Opportunities

Cadets will gain valuable experience and training in preparation for a career in the education sector.

They will receive training in the following areas:

Friday, 08 November 2013 14:05


Each candidate to be considered for the post of Cadet Officer must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Have a minimum of twelve (12) years of service remaining.
  • Must have a first degree and have attained at least a pass with credit and have served for at least five (5) years after graduation. The degree however, must be one that is recognized by the Ministry of Education according to the University of Guyana in the Field of Education - Release Policy 2010.
  • Must be a teacher within the public education system
  • Must have no incriminating record
  • Must have been an administrator for at least 2 years (documentation of the conduct of the teacher/administrator should be examined)
  • Must have worked on remedying any deficiency within the education sector even if was at the classroom level.
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