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Friday, 21 April 2017 14:37

Government’s ‘YouthBiz592’ Entrepreneurship Skills Training pilot program Launched

The Minister noted that “Guyana and its Government will no longer stand by shaking its head nor laughing out loud as the Oh my God of the fate of our youths has galvanized us into action,” says Hon. Nicolette Henry as efforts to fuel Youth empowerment have increased.


The Minister noted that “Guyana and its Government will no longer stand by shaking its head nor laughing out loud as the Oh my God of the fate of our youths has galvanized us into action,” says Hon. Nicolette Henry as efforts to fuel Youth empowerment have increased. In keeping with Government’s vision and commitment towards youth, development is being further advanced through the launch of the Entrepreneurship Skills Training Programme.

Titled ‘YouthBiz 592,’ the ultimate objective is to provide skills training for self-employment to youth at-risk in an integrated manner so that they can be economically self-sustainable and meaningfully occupied, hence reducing the levels of youth involvement in criminal activities.

Undertaken through the Technical Cooperation Project: “Support for the implementation of the Citizen Security Strategy on Wednesday the first set of beneficiaries, senior Government officials and other invitees gathered at the Vryman’s Erven’s Training Center for the official launch.

The twelve week training programme is already in its sixth week and is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, and is being executed through collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Education Department of Youth and the Ministry of Business through the Small Business Bureau along with the Youth Build USA Inc.

During the official launch, the facilitators and the 90 beneficiaries came in for much motivation from the respective ministers while Minister of Public Security, Hon. Khemraj Ramjattan encouraged beneficiaries to not let the project fail.

The 90 youths drawn from Region four (Sophia/ Turkeyen), and Region six (Angoy’s Avenue/ Canje were selected via interviews in various communities with three primary goals and anticipated outcomes.

These core goals include:

  1. The at risk youths being positioned to become economically self-sufficient and to play positive leadership roles in their communities.
  2. To assess how the pilot intervention can help prepare young people for productive livelihoods in communities where there is little formal job generation, and, through community engagement activities, can discourage involvement in risky behaviors that can lead young people to become perpetrators or victims of crime and violence.
  3. Enhance the capacity of the Small Business Bureau and other Government Stakeholders to develop in Guyana.

The direct benefits to the youths are entrepreneurship skills training and coaching to start up business. They will also be issued financial grants to start up a business when the project is completed while gaining social support in the form of leadership, work readiness and life skills, literacy and parenting skills in addition to psyco-social support.

Further they will benefit from other support   

The Ministry of Education through the Department of Youth played a pivotal role in the mobilization, interviews and Curriculum preparation and implementation of the programme.  

Minister with responsibility for Youth, Hon. Nicolette Henry in lauding the service and support of the collaborators noted that, “Initiatives like this one are among the most valuable…” Minister Henry posited too that the initiative and its facilitators offer “…hope where too often there has been none” while striving to make societies safer.

The Education Ministry was invited by the Ministry of Public Security to partner in this youth focused initiative and Ms. Henry said her Ministry’s aim has been to provide the personnel and curricula to support the pioneering idea of training entrepreneurs.

This communication resulted in a pilot programme that has ‘excellence’ as its stamp of approval. “We have done the research and engaged the community with evidence-based practice… we have received the subjectively reported hopes and aspirations, fears and challenges of the young people in our priority populations,” Minister Henry beamed with pride.

Explaining the choice of Angoy’s Avenue and Sophia, the Minister highlighted that these sites represent the pulse of the citizens of Guyana positively. She further noted   that the two areas represent a microcosm of many others, where youth are unemployed and underemployed, post-secondary school life, some are pregnant and some are already parents with not many opportunities.

“But let there be no mistake, it is where young minds are left idle, yet fertile; disengaged, yet preoccupied with the negative stereotypes of a globalized world,” Minister Henry posited.  

The YouthBiz592 Entrepreneurship programme, Minister Henry noted is one viable response which is part of the general plan to cast Government’s net for resource personnel near and far to assure that the nation’s youth are not left behind. It is Government’s aim, Minister Henry said to use the YouthBiz592 “… to equip, educate and encourage our youth; to provide for them a place/plan and a product that will raise their income, raise their hopes, and provide for them a future that is artistic as it is scientific; as creative as it is secure; as surprising as it is expected. This is a proud moment…season for Guyana.”  “Youth is our business in the 592 area code”- Minister Henry stated to celebrated applause.

Also addressing the gathering and offering encouragement via motivational conversation was Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin


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