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Prerequisites and Structure of the Syllabus

Prerequisites of the Syllabus

Any person with a good grasp of the contents of the syllabus of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC®) General Proficiency course in subjects such as Agricultural Science, Biology,Chemistry, Construction Technology, Integrated Science, Mathematics, and Physics or equivalent,should be able to undertake the course. However, successful participation in the course will also depend on the possession of good verbal and written communication skills.

Sturcture of the Syllabus

The subject is organised in two (2) Units. A Unit comprises three (3) Modules each requiring fifty (50) hours. The total time for each Unit, is therefore, expected to be one hundred and fifty (150) hours. Each Unit can independently offer students a comprehensive programme of study with appropriate balance between depth and coverage to provide a basis for further study in this field.

UNIT 1: Introduction to Green Engineering

Module 1 - Concepts and Issues

Module 2 - Theoretical Framework of Green Engineering

Module 3 - Green Engineering in practice

UNIT 2: Application of Green Engineering Principles

Module 1 - Utilisation of Sustainable Materials and Energy

Module 2 - Sustainable Designs

Module 3 - Green Engineering Solutions

icon  CAPE Green Engineering Syllabus (4.45 MB)

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Primary Science

'Science Around Us' is a series of six pupil’s books with corresponding teachers’ manuals. Please note that these text books are NOT TO BE SOLD