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Ministry of Education Linden Technical Institute

Applicants are invited to pursue studies at the above institution for the Academic year 2019-2020 commencing September, 2019.


Programme Names


Period (Years)





 Electrical Installation Part II  2  Evening  EI II E
 Computer Science  2  Full-time/ Evening  DCS


 Commerce  2  Full-time/ Evening  ODC

 Administrative Principles and Practices  2  Full-time/ Evening  DAPP
 Motor Vehicle Works  2  Full-time/ Evening  MVW


 Welding and Fabrication  2  Full-time/ Evening  W&F

 Metal Machining & Mechanical Fitting  2  Full-time/ Evening  MM&MF
 Electrical Engineering, Parts I & II  2  Evening  EET E I & II


 Mechanical Engineering Part I  2  Evening MTD E

 Telecommunications, Parts I & II  2  Evening TELE I & II E
 Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Level I  Competency Based  Full-time/ Evening  


 Data Operations, Levels I & II  Competency Based  Full-time/ Evening DATA OPS

 Electrical Installation, Levels I & II  Competency Based  Full-time/ Evening EI 

 Carpentry & Joinery, Level I  Competency Based  Full Time C&J 

 Motor Vehicle Engine System, Level I  Competency Based  Full-time/ Evening MVE

 General Office Administration, Level I  Competency Based  Full-time/ Evening GOA

 Small Appliance Repairs, Level I  Competency Based  Full Time  SAR



At the commencement of the academic year, all applicants must be at least fifteen years, nine months of age to register for Full-time or eighteen years of age for Evening Programmes.

Craft Courses
Applicants must have completed Secondary School or must have SCCP Advanced Level 1 or any other relevant qualification (CSEC qualification).
Those who have not met the above criteria will be required to sit an Entrance Examination.

Technician Certificate Programmes, Part I
a.4 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and English) and any other 2 subjects (Grades 1 – 3) relevant to the programme. Admission will be subjected to an interview.
b.3 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and English A), and any other subjects (Grades 1 – 3) relevant to the programme. Admission may also be subjected to an interview and applicants must have at least two (2) years relevant working experience.
c.Persons who have gained at least a credit in a comparable Craft Programme or acquired a CBE Level 2 qualification may be considered eligible for entry.

Diploma / Business Programmes – Applicants must have grades 1 – 3 in the undermentioned CSEC subjects to pursue the respective programmes:
Computer Science: Mathematics, English A, Information Technology/Electronic Document Preparation and Management and ONE other subject.
Commerce/Administrative Principles Practices: Mathematics, English A, and any TWO other subjects (Office Administration, Principles of Business, Electronic Document Preparation Management, Principles of Accounts, and Economics, English B, Social Studies, Information Technology).

NB: Persons who have the required number of subjects, but a Grade 4 or 5 in Mathematics and/or English Language will be required to sit a qualifying examination for entry into the Business and Technician Programmes.

NB: Upon successful completion, Applicants will be issued with a Guyana Technical Education Examination (GTEE) Certificate.

Competency Based Education & Training (CBET) Programmes

Interested persons have to attend an interview for entry into each Programme.

Upon successful completion, Applicants will be issued with a NVQ/CVQ Certificate.


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