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Monday, 03 February 2014 12:48

Essay Writing Competition - 2014

Republic of Guyana Essay Writing Competition 2014

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, invites entries for the Republic of Guyana Essay Writing Competition. The following are guidelines for the competition.

Published in Mashramani

The Children’s Mashramani Activities officially became the responsibility of the Ministry of Education in February, 1992. The Unit of Allied Arts within the Ministry of Education was tasked with implementing programmes to showcase the talents of children in Guyana. The Unit is the centre for coordination and integration of the Expressive Arts – Dance, Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts in sequenced modules in the School System of Guyana.

Because of its mandate, the Allied Arts Unit expanded the scope of the Children’s Mashramani activities to include competitions of Dance, Dramatic Poetry, Calypso, Costume, Steel pan, Physical Education and Masquerade for children.

The Objectives of the Mashramani Programme are:-

Published in Mashramani
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