Free Online Courses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you go directly to Coursera and sign up you will have access to free courses but will have to pay to obtain the shareable certificates. By using the arrangement set up by the Ministry of Education, the Commonwealth of Learning and Coursera you will not have to pay to obtain certificates for courses you successfully complete. 

After you complete the Registration Form at , the relevant information will be forwarded to the Commonwealth of Learning’s office for submission to Coursera. Coursera will then register you on their platform and you will receive an email (to the email account you inputted during registration) informing you that you can proceed to login and enroll in courses. 

The last date for registration is the 30th September 2020. This is to allow you at least three months to December 31st 2020 to complete your course(s). 

You will need to complete all courses you have enrolled in on or before the 31st December 2020. If you cannot complete any course before this date you will not be able to obtain the free certificates. However, you can choose to continue and then pay for the certificate. 

When you receive the email notification from Coursera you will be able to login in to the Coursera platform and then browse the range of FREE courses available and enroll in those you would like to take. 

You can enroll in more than one course at a time. However, you should be realistic in terms of the number of hours you can dedicate each day to your learning and select your courses accordingly. 

No. Degree programs are paid programs and are not covered under this arrangement. Some Degree programs have short sample courses (containing a single topic) which can be done for free. This however, will not count towards the Degree program. 

Yes. The arrangement between MOE Guyana, the Commonwealth of Learning and Coursera, will allow students who successfully completcourses to receive a certificate without having to pay. You can download this PDF certificate and print it as needed. According to Coursera the certificate will include: the course name, the instructor’s signature, the logo of the partner institution offering the course (if the partner institution includes it), a verification URL that allows others to check the Certificate’s authenticity, and a statement that Coursera has confirmed the identity of the learner who completed the course. 

No. Plese see answer to the question above. 

Coursera has Apps for both Android and iOS devices which can be downloaded by going to the App stores or following the links found at this page:  

If you have access to a public or other Wi-Fi network periodically, you can download materials for offline use and then reconnect to complete assignments etc. All course videos and materials can be downloaded to your device for viewing later.