This is what some of our learners had to say about the programme.


Studying with Coursera has been a convenient and a rewarding experience. I have been able to acquire a vast amount of knowledge in various fields. The videos were highly informative and allow you to be able to complete the assessments required with ease. I would honestly say that Coursera has been beneficial to me, and I have learned a lot. When I say a lot; I mean that I have completed courses in Philosophy, diplomacy, gender equality, schizophrenia, grammar and punctuation, project management just to name a few. This certificate had tremendous impact on me because I have the zeal to keep going on and doing more courses. 

Lauriel Thomas

Coursera, 2021

Amrita Naraine Grow With Google photo 1

Upon taking the Google UX design and Data Analytics courses, I was further able to create a more dynamic portfolio respectively, in designing interactive elements for websites, apps and prototypes for physical objects. Having ongoing experience with data science and analytics, I was able to fast-track through the Data Analytics professional course, an excellent refresher for SQL, R programming and Tableau. This facilitated me having leisurely solved puzzles, and to go back to the basics as is needed for well-developed data analyst professionals. 

Amrita Naraine

Grow with Google, 2021

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This programme has enabled me to enroll in various courses that will contribute to my overall growth and development. I was pleased to broaden my knowledge in multiple areas. 

Cherith James

Coursera, 2021


I have completed 2 programmes thus far, project management and data analytics. The amount of knowledge I have gained created an excitement in me to put it into action but unfortunately the opportunity to do so has not presented itself yet. I have had a few challenges with the internet being the most difficult one but that did not stop me. I have always been eager and intrigued to learn new things, one of the things I have noticed upon completion is that they offer a digital badge to put on your social media professional platforms but unfortunately, I was not granted mine I do not know if the GoG must not approve it. But other than that, the experience was an amazing one! 

Rohanie Beeram

Grow with Google, 2021

pic with certificate-Vanessa Greene-Blanchard (1)

It has given me a sense of accomplishment

Vanessa Blanchard

Coursera, 2021


This programme has allowed me to gain additional knowledge and information in various subject areas. Being a part of this online programme assist you in gaining, knowledge and certification that would be beneficial in your overall life, since the programme not only deals with the theoretical aspect but there is much that allows on to have a better understanding and can apply same to their modus operandi. 


Samuel Saul

Coursera, 2021

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This program has enabled me to acquire the certification and qualification of courses I wished to have learn about on my own page. 


Himwatie Persaud

Udemy, 2021


This has helped me significantly in my medical practice and with my leadership skills. It has also benefited my personal development, especially as it relates to how to deal with stress. 


Tamica Daniels-Williamson

Coursera, 2022


This programme has to a great extent enabled me to have an improved working relationship with my fellow colleagues and with my students since I was able to apply some of the motivational approaches to get better performances from my students. 


Francina Lanferman-Duncan


Ethical Hacking Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting v2

It has change my life for the better and has help me to open doors that I thought was close to me at my age.


Alwin Burnett

Udemy, 2022