Recognizing that the continuous success of Guyana’s education system hinges upon the professionals who stand in the classroom every day, the Ministry of Education has drafted a document that is intended to hold teachers to specific professional standards.

Professional Standards for Teachers set expectations for achieving desired educational outcomes. These standards are not intended as a tool for punitive action. Rather they reflect professional consensus of what is desirable in the supervision, leadership and delivery of education. They also provide a framework that permits professionals to engage in self assessment. These standards are aligned to the Organization of American States (OAS), CARICOM and other international standards.

Professional Standards offer the professional community specifications against which teachers are able to set goals for personal development and progress in the profession. The standards are multi-dimensional and give cognizance to the key props for learning to take place, namely: (a) a motivated and willing learner; (b) effective teaching and learning and, (c) an enabling environment.
Once implemented, the standards will serve as a tool to monitor and evaluate teachers’ performance in the classroom, knowledge of the subject (s) they teach, techniques used and level of committed to the learners in their care and effectively manage diversity to promote inclusiveness in the learning process. The standards will also help teachers sharpen their professional skills and help them interact with parents and the community.

The Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand is keen on implementing standards, as they will aid significantly in professionalising the teaching body. She believes strongly that all stakeholders should get the opportunity to contribute to the contents of the standards so that all can move forward together. Minister Manickchand will lead many of the scheduled consultations.

The Ministry of Education is extending an invitation to all Guyanese, especially Teachers (practicing and retired), Members of School Improvement Action Committees, Members of Parent-Teachers Associations, Members of Boards of Governors, Members of Regional Education Committees, Members of Regional Democratic Councils and Members of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils to participate in its country wide consultations on these standards.

The ministry sees the community’s contribution as critical as we work towards refining the draft Professional Standards before it is officially approved and implemented.

Guyana is among the few countries in the world where documented professional standards for teachers are still to be implemented.
The consultations commenced on Feb 26, 2014 at the Kamarang Primary School and will conclude in July 2014. It is expected that a total of seventy-one (71) consultations across Guyana.

The monthly National Schedule of Consultations on Professional Standards for Teachers will be published on the Ministry’s website and in the press.

Ministry to host Consultations on Professional Standards for Teachers