In a coordinated effort to craft a model professional standards policy document for teachers, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is hosting a series of public consultations countrywide with a number of key stakeholders. This process is designed to gain feedback on ways to improve the Standards, and to invite engagement from the profession.

Copies of the draft Professional Standards for Teachers were made available to teachers in the printed form for their perusal and comments. The ministry has also placed the document here: Draft Professional Standards for Teachers to allow for additional comments to be made and to facilitate those who would like to contribute but are unable to physically be present at consultations. In addition, members of the public were invited to submit their comments on the document via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Section of the gathering at consultation on Professional Standards for Teachers at St. Ninians, Red Hill, Region 1So far, consultations have been held in Georgetown, Regions One, Three, Six, and Seven where a number of important issues have been raised.

The public consultations have so far have touched on the following issues:

  1. Standards will raise the quality of teaching and learning in schools.
  2. Untrained teachers in the hinterland should be given opportunities to be trained through financial support from the Ministry.
  3. Parents need to show more interest in their children's education.
  4. Teachers and parents need to work together to produce quality students who will be able to further their studies and come back to serve the community.
  5. Strong PTAs are vital for the success of any school.
  6. Teachers need to be supportive of each other as together they work towards enhancing the quality of education they deliver and maintaining a disciplined learning environment.
  7. Professional standards for teachers are not designed to be punitive, but rather to establish benchmarks for quality in the education system.

As these public consultations continue throughout the country, the MOE intends to address the many issues being raised, in an effort to craft a policy document on professional teacher standards that is comprehensive and applicable to the Guyana situation.

Section of the gathering at Consultation of Professional Standrads for Teachers in New Amsterdam, Region 6Through the establishment of professional teacher standards, the Ministry strongly believes the teaching profession will be significantly strengthened, further recognized and aptly placed among the other leading professions in Guyana.

Professional Standards for Teachers set expectations for achieving desired educational outcomes. These standards are not intended as a tool for punitive action. Rather they reflect professional consensus of what is desirable in the supervision, leadership and delivery of education. They also provide a framework that permits professionals to engage in self-assessment. These standards are aligned to the Organization of American States (OAS), CARICOM and other international standards.

Professional Standards offer the professional community specifications against which teachers are able to set goals for personal development and progress in the profession. The standards are multi-dimensional and give cognizance to the key props for learning to take place, namely: (a) a motivated and willing learner; (b) effective teaching and learning and, (c) an enabling environment.