I truly believe something that makes teaching easier for me is the morning routine that I complete BEFORE I leave for school.

When I wake up each morning earlier then I need to and complete a few tasks I am a better and happier teacher all day. I can 100% tell when I don’t give myself the extra time in the morning. So, my teacher tip today is wake up at least 20 minutes earlier than you need to! ☀️ For me, I wake up and do the following..
*Daily Devotional while I drink a full glass of water ? *Make my coffee and then journal while it is brewing ☕️ (In my journal, I read a bible verse and reflect, do two affirmations, two things of gratitude from the previous day, write my monthly or yearly goals, create a list of three things I want to accomplish that day, and then pick one person who I will connect with in real life or via the phone that day)
*Drink my coffee and work on creating resources, chores in my house, or lesson planning
*Do a quick workout
*Get Ready
*Enjoy my kiddos


My teacher tip today is all about FRIENDLY READS!
I use these in my classroom to get students that are reluctant to read reading. It almost always works wonders.
If a student can’t find a book or is never reading I pair them up with a friend.
I typically try to make this someone they look up to or someone that is their best friend, this helps the motivation process.
Then, I work with the two of them to agree on a book that they both want to read. I get two copies and they read it.
At a certain time each day (I typically do the end of the day), I let the students sit together for about five minutes and talk about the book.
They are super motivated to read because they want to talk with their friend about it and typically they end up loving the book! This always leaves them wanting to read more books that are similar to the same topic.


I wanted to share how I lesson plan. So, we have to turn in our lesson plans each week. I keep it digital so that I don’t have to remember to share each week! Once a month I sit down on Google Drive and plan the entire next month. So, I just sat down and planned all of Feb. last week.
This will typically take me two to three days because I am doing it in the morning and during planning.
While I am planning I am printing and sticking it into the copy folder and I making a list of anything I need to do extra prep work for or buy for the following month.
Then, each morning I come in and write down my day inside my paper lesson plan book. This is also where I keep all important dates and notes.


My tip this week is all about the good old copies you have to make!
I keep a copy folder right next to the door of my classroom.
When I am doing my lesson plans I always print and throw them in the folder. One side of the folder is if I need copies for half the class (partner work or if it has two on one page) and the other is for the whole class.
Then, every time I walk out the door I grab the folder. I may just be going to a meeting or to grab my mail, but If I have a chance to make one copy then I have the folder with me.
I typically make a few copies throughout the day doing this. I never have to stand at the copier for an hour and I always have everything copied ahead of time.
Plus, if I have a TA or a parent volunteer who wants to help they can grab the folder too and it makes it SO.EASY.
It is not Pinterest or Instagram pretty, but it works wonders!


I have supplies that I won’t let my kids use and I don’t feel bad about it!
Use washi tape to let your kids know what are teacher only supplies!
Then, it’s a special treat if you ever let them use them!
Simple and effective!


Somedays, like today, my desk is a MESS when I end the day. I have one simple rule each day:
Never leave school till you clear your desk off.
If you follow this tip I promise you will feel so much better each day. I leave right when the day is up and do not stay late, but I always clean off my desk. My mornings go so much smoother because of it.


Make sure you greet your kids every morning no matter what!
I have to be outside greeting each morning, so to make it fun I do a question of the day! The kids LOVE it and look forward to it every morning!
Questions like would you rather or favorite things!
Then, they know they can hug or high five!