A busy teacher has little, if any, time to devote to cleaning the classroom. Even so, it’s a necessary part of the job. Get your classroom in shape and keep it that way with our cleaning hacks. Whether it’s the end of the year, the beginning or somewhere in the middle, these tips will make classroom cleaning feel less like a chore.

5 Tips for a Cleaner Classroom

Cleaning doesn’t need to live specifically in the spring, but these tips are sure to make a spring cleaning session feel a bit more manageable.

Setup Your Classroom for Easier Cleaning

Be proactive and give yourself a lot less to clean with an appropriate classroom setup. Store classroom supplies in plastic storage bins with lids so that you only have to wipe off the bin and not everything inside of it. Use different color bins or clear bins to organize your supplies. This will cut down cleaning time immeasurably and give your classroom an organized look.

Ask for or Order Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Your school may have cleaning supplies they want you to use, or they may ask you to order cleaning sprays or wipes. Choose cleaners that also disinfect so you can tackle two problems at the same time. Cleaning wipes can make quick cleaning sessions easy and convenient.

Enlist Help from the Class

In many cases, you can enlist the help of students to aid in keeping your classroom organized and clean. Hand out some cleaning wipes or feather dusters to students who have extra time and are interested in helping. This gives children ownership in the process of maintaining a clean learning environment. Classroom cleaning can even become a learning experience if you use something like shaving cream to clean desktops and allow students to practice letters or math problems in the shaving cream before they wipe it away.

15 Minutes Per Day

Rather than allowing cleaning tasks to accumulate, tackle them for 15 minutes each day. Designate one day for tidying up, one for dusting, one for sanitizing surfaces and so on. This will make the process feel a lot less overwhelming.

End & Beginning of School Year

Set aside a day at the end and beginning of the school year to walk through your classroom, organize supplies and do a good surface cleaning. Get your classroom to the point that it looks presentable, and then you can make a list of in-depth cleaning tasks you want to tackle as time allows you to do so.

Creating A More Flu-Proof Classroom Experience

Make the task of classroom cleaning easier on yourself by checking out our cleaning supplies. We have a variety of spray cleaners and wipes to clean and sanitize your classroom. A clean learning environment will make each day of the school year easier and more comfortable for you and your students.