What is the SCCP programme about?


The Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP) seeks to improve students' attendance, reduce school dropouts, shore-up equity and enhance quality and relevance in the area of technical and vocational education at the Grade 9 and Grade 10 levels.

The competency-based modularized programme is designed with strong emphasis being placed on what students can do in the workplace after completion of training.

The SCCP also serves as an alternative pathway for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes that will prepare students for further training and/or the world of work.

How the SCCP intends to help you?

The programme aims to:

  • develop technical competencies and enhance functional literacy and numeracy of students starting at Grade Nine;
  • equip students with citizenship, life and vocational skills to support national development;
  • expose students to a modularized career education programme with emphasis on supervised work experience/work attachments and/or related projects;
  • support and develop students' potential in good occupational, environmental, health and safety practices, and
  • develop students' problem-solving and creative thinking skills through project work.

Subjects offered

Students are required to do Language and Communication, Mathematics, Integrated Science and General Studies and choose from one option in either Agricultural Science, Industrial Technology, Home Economics and Visual Arts.

The courses in Agricultural Science are Crop and Soils and Live-stock.

Industrial Technology - Bench Fitting, Electrical Installation, Masonry, Motor Vehicle Repair, Sheet Metal Work, Carpentry, Joinery, Metal Machining, Plumbing and Welding.

Home Economics- Catering, Garment Construction, Day Care for Special Groups, Cosmetology, Interior Decorating and Household Management and Visual Arts-Art, Fabric Decoration, Fibre Craft and Leather Craft.

Key features

  • Life Skills for self realisation and personal development
  • Continuous assessment
  • Competency-based objectives to maximize delivery on the job.
  • Modularized curriculum
  • End of cycle certification and establishment of new path ways for further training at the secondary level or entry into post-secondary/tertiary institutions or the world of work and
  • Students who successfully complete the programme will be eligible for level 1 entry jobs.

Expected outcomes

The SCCP seeks mainly to increase access to quality technical Ind vocational education; produce more skilled persons availible for the job market and enhance employers' access to a nore skilled workforce.