Policy Goal 1V

To promote the integration of Expressive Arts and other subjects of the curriculum.


  • Inclusion of Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Physical Education and Sports on the timetable. The integrated approach must be emphasized at the early childhood level i.e Nursery to Grade 2, and continue through Primary and Secondary levels
  • until the appropriate time for specialization.
  • Establishing a system of reporting and feedback for Heads of Departments with a view of forging integration of concepts.
  • Availability of the relevant curriculum guides, syllabuses and plans of work to teaching staff.
  • Revision of the Expressive Arts Curriculum in a timely manner.
  • Establishment of a system of team planning and evaluating of the Expressive Arts programme in schools.
  • Conduct of assessment in accordance with the Ministry of Education Assessment Policy for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary levels.
  • Maintenance of the Unit of Allied Arts/Expressive Arts as the department responsible for co-ordinating, monitoring and assessing the implementation of the Expressive Arts Curriculum.
  • Timely review of the Expressive Arts Curriculum.