1. Adequate and appropriate facilities should be in place to ensure safe and secure storage of books. This may include a repository with book racks/shelves and pallets to prevent ground moisture and destruction.
  2. The Department of Education has ultimate responsibility; assuch a representative of the Department of Education must be identified to supervise the proper storage and distribution of the books.
  3. Particular attention should be given to ensure that the books are protected from termites, rodents and elements of the weather.A fumigation system must be put in place.
  4. Arrangements must be put in place to ensure that books are distributed expeditiously to the schools:
  • Schools on the Coast - distribution must take place within seven (7) days
  • Schools within Riverine Areas - distribution must take place within 7 - 14 days
  • Schools within Deep Riverine - distribution to take place and Hinterland Areas within 7 -  21 days