The Regional Education Officers and Principal Education Officer must engage the Audit Section to prepare a schedule for audit of schools in their Education Districts.

The Regional Audit Section (in the case of the Administrative Regions) and the Field Audit Section, Ministry of Education, 21, Brickdam (in the case of the Georgetown Education district) shall conduct an audit of schools for the purpose of verification of the self-audit conducted by the respective schools.


A report with comments on findings and recommendations shall be forwarded to the Department of Education or School Board and copied to the Distribution Unit, Deputy Permanent Secretary (Administration) and Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration).


It is the responsibility of the Head of Department of Education to ensure that this activity takes place.

Audit Frequency/Duration Remarks
School-based self audit

Termly (Dec., Mar., Jun.,

End of Term
Regional Field Audit Sept. - May  
State Audit  

At the request of an
authorized Official