The Headteacher is directed to establish the operating times for access to the school plant, taking into consideration the following:

  • The opening Time – The beginning of the school day.
  • The General Entry and Exit Periods – At the beginning/end of the school day/session there will be a heavy flow of traffic therefore, arrangements should be put in place to monitor entrance/exit points. The teachers, members of the Student Government/Prefect Body/Monitors have a major role to play here.
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Disruptive behaviour has become a concern of teachers since it not only affects students and teachers but invariably detracts teachers from their main duty of delivering the curriculum and students from concentrating on learning. Therefore, safety in schools is of paramount importance and necessary to support the all round development – affective, cognitive, psychological - of each child, giving him/her the opportunity to learn and achieve in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The Headteacher is directed to engage students in a security and safety campaign in the school. The campaign should promote students’ alertness in relation to matters of security and encourage them to convey pertinent information about security and safety risks to school personnel. Students must be informed and consulted about the security and safety rules, their rights and responsibilities and the consequences associated with the non-compliance of these rules.

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fire cws 

The Headteacher is expected to establish a protocol for co-operation with the officers-incharge of the nearest police and fire stations.

The Ministry of Education strongly recommends that Headteachers organize regular educational programmes with the Schools Welfare Unit, (including Guidance and Counselling), Ministry of Human Services and the police to conduct enlightening and motivational discussion sessions with students.

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