Teachers are expected to keep accurate misdemeanor records and always inform the Headteacher of observed disruptive behaviour. The entire staff of the school must be sensitized in recognizing the signs of anti-social behaviour.

Teachers must:

  • provide consistent and firm guidelines and rules regarding student behaviour.
  • teach and model pro-social behaviour since these are important as the teaching of academic subjects.
  • display diligent and impartial behaviour when supervising students. They should be consistent and prompt whenever the need arises to sanction unacceptable behaviour.
  • participate in the development of a school safety plan. They must also play a responsible part in the implementation of such policies by promptly and consistently reporting incidents of negative behaviour.
  • make use of teaching methods such as, simulation and field trips to emphasize that negative behaviour does not benefit the individual.
  • create a warm and nurturing classroom climate.
  • develop a daily routine but remain flexible. Students often misbehave if they do not know what they should do and when.
  • cater for the different learning styles of students.

It is expected that all staff members and students will interact with each other with mutual respect.