The Headteacher is directed to engage students in a security and safety campaign in the school. The campaign should promote students’ alertness in relation to matters of security and encourage them to convey pertinent information about security and safety risks to school personnel. Students must be informed and consulted about the security and safety rules, their rights and responsibilities and the consequences associated with the non-compliance of these rules.

Students should develop a sense of responsibility for contributing to the improvement of school order and safety. They should participate actively in the planning, implementation, and enforcement of disciplinary policy and programmes.

This can be aided through the work of the Student Council/ Prefect/ Monitor Systems as these bodies are responsible for:

  • fostering better relations among students
  • assisting the Headteacher and staff in formulating and upholding school rules and policies
  • promoting good behaviour by influencing and encouraging students to adhere to school rules and policies
  • participating in the general maintenance and upkeep of the school and its premises