Gaining Access

  • Any person who is not a member of the staff, or a student would be deemed a visitor. Such persons would be granted entry by the Headteacher or a senior member of staff. Person(s) monitoring the gate must make entry in the visitors’ register regarding the visitor’s name, purpose of visit, person being visited. In the case of vehicular traffic, particulars of the vehicle should also be noted.
  • The Headteacher/ Senior Teacher present at the time of the visit should request photo identification/ letter of authority issued by the Regional Education Officer/ Ministry of Education.
  • No police officer is allowed to enter the school and arrest a teacher or student during the school session, unless that person poses immediate danger to the other members of staff and/or students. If a student is arrested a teacher MUST accompany the student to the Police Station and the parent should be informed immediately.

Please note:

If in doubt, the Headteacher should make contact immediately with the Supervising District Education Officer/ Regional Education Officer before giving permission to the visitor to conduct business.



  • Upon entry to the school plant, all visitors must report to the Headteacher’s office. Visitors granted permission to move around the school’s plant should be accompanied by a staff member, if possible. Visitor’s badges should be worn by visitors who would be moving around the school plant for an extended period and a Log entry made which must include the identification number of the visitors.

Supervision of movement and assembling

  • The Headteacher is required to provide security and supervision for the school, staff and student population during instructional and co-curricula periods. Teachers must be assigned to supervise students during all co-curricula activity.
  • It is expected that Level/Flat Supervisors and Class teachers will be assigned to strategic points to observe the movement of students at the beginning of the day, after assembly or break and also at the end of the day.
  • Permission, in writing, from the Headteacher must be granted for any activity conducted on the school’s premises after the dismissal of school. Headteachers should ensure that no student remains on the school’s premises after the Closing Time.

Electronic surveillance of movement and gathering

  • The Ministry of Education supports the use of electronic surveillance cameras to monitor the assembling and movement of students where necessary.

The following should be stipulated when contracting the service providers:

  • All recorded material is the property of the school
  • Recorded materials should be stored and disposed of in a safe manner.
  • Students’ privacy should at all times be protected. Cameras should not be installed in changing rooms and bathrooms. In the case of a sexual assault, an incident involving self inflicted injuries and drug abuse by a student, the school and/or service provider owe a duty of conscience to the said student.
  • Recorded materials should only be accessible to Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers.

Access and movement of press personnel

  • Personnel from the press should not be allowed onto the school plant. They should not be permitted to move about, record footage or conduct interviews.

(Be reminded that the Headteacher is not permitted to speak to the media unless so instructed by the Department of Education or Central Ministry).

School Security Personnel

The Ministry of Education/ Regional Administration must institute a 24 hour security system using able-bodied guards.
Security guards/watchmen should be exposed to training in the area of school security procedures. They should also be well acquainted with their roles.

Shutdown procedures

The Headteacher is required to establish procedures relating to checking and locking of all enclosed parts of the school plant. Students who are still at school at the Closing Time should be asked to leave. If the Headteacher or any other teacher is of the opinion that a child would be put at risk if asked to leave the school premises, then he/she should be escorted to the police station and the parent/guardian notified. If this occurs frequently with the same child the matter should be brought to the attention of the School’s Welfare Department.