Co- Curricula Activities after school

All students involved in approved co-curricula activities should bring written letters of consent from their parents/guardians.
The Headteacher is directed to set clear rules and sanctions as it relates to co-curricula activities after school. Students should be supervised at all times during these activities.

Students on school premises after Closing Time

Students who are still at school after the Closing Time should be asked to leave, if involved in approved co-curricula activities. The school would be accountable for any student who remains on the premises after Closing Time.

Sport and entertainment events

All school sponsored activities, for example, Fairs, Fun Days, Tea Parties, Fashion Shows, should be approved by the Headteacher and the Department of Education. These activities should be conducted under the watchful eyes of the school staff and/or members of the Parent Teachers Association/ School Board.

The Headteacher is therefore directed to set clear rules and sanctions as it relates to the content of such activities (appropriate dress, music etc.) and students’ behaviours during the staging of these activities.

The Headteacher and staff are expected to ensure that outdoor play areas and equipment are safe and in good repair.

In instances where the school is hosting a large scale event, an emergency preparedness plan should be operational in the event of an emergency.