It is the responsibility of the Administrative and Non-Administrative staff of the school to ensure that its climate is one in which order and discipline prevail. All members of staff must consistently and impartially enforce the rules and code of conduct which govern the institution.


The school has the right to institute measures or take appropriate action to ensure that order and discipline are not compromised by learners – be it within or outside the school. One such measure is corporal punishment. However, it must be pointed out that corporal punishment must be administered to a learner only by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, or Senior Master/Mistress.

No school has the authority to expel any learner; it may recommend expulsion for consideration by the Head of Education Department and the Chief Education Officer. The school however may suspend a learner based on the guidelines stated herein.

Learners are expected to respect and follow the directives of the Administrative and Non-Administrative staff of their school; their failure to so do will subject them to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action should be determined by the

  • age of the learner
  • nature of the offence
  • frequency of the misdemeanor
  • learner’s attitude
  • potential effect of the misdemeanor on the climate of the school.

The right of the school to enforce order and discipline applies:

  • To any learner who is enrolled at in school which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Education.
  • During the regular school day – regardless of time.
  • While the learner is participation in any activity within the school compound.
  • During the luncheon interval – be it on or off the school compound.
  • While the learner is in attendance at any school related activity – regardless of time and location.
  • For any school-related misconduct-regardless of time and location.
  • When the learner retaliates or threatens to retaliate against any member of the school staff-regardless of time and location.
  • When a learner commits a criminal offense on the school premises or at a school related activity.