Parents and guardians of students of St. Stanislaus College, Central High, Houston Secondary and Ketley Primary schools have said the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant would boost their household incomes, as they prepare their children for the September school term.

They shared those views when the distribution exercise continued in Region Four on Thursday.

At St. Stanislaus College, Mr. Dereck Boston, a pensioner, said the money would benefit his great 20210816 9

“It would do very go0d for him because we are pensioners. His parents are not here, and we are taking full care of him.

“I’m hoping that he will graduate from here. Next year he would be writing his exams, CXC, then to university. I pledged to support him throughout his education, therefore, because I’m a pensioner, I think that the cash grant will go a far way in helping me to achieve that desire,” he said.

Ms. Selena Harris said the money would help to offset some of her children’s school expenses.

“I think it’s a good initiative.

“I have two kids that benefitting from the cash grants, so it’s a great help for me. I plan to use it for school supplies, so it will help me to ease my pocket.”

Mr. Karie Blunt also plans to use the money on his grandson’s school expenses.

“It’s very good; it’s very helpful cause remember everyday he have to travel and he have to get lunch and those snacks and whatever, but it is a very good initiative and I applaud the Government for it,” he 20210816 8

At the Houston Secondary School, Mr. Andrew Beadler said: “I feel thankful for it because I’m a single parent and it’s going to help me to get my children school stuff in order going down to September.”

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues MP, earlier in the week, noted that the grants are available for parents to spend in a manner that best benefits their children.

“We wanted to make sure that there is no restriction on our children benefitting from it, and on the parents having the freedom and the liberty to decide what their children need most, and so we are entrusting you with that.”

Minister Rodrigues also said while some persons may criticise the initiative, every $19,000 in a parent’s hand can go a long way to ensure that vulnerable children remain in school.

The cash grant distribution is the fulfilment of another PPP/C Government manifesto promise. The Minister also noted that the grant would be increased incrementally, and by the end of the Government’s first term in office, every student would get $50,000.