Students of the North Ruimveldt Secondary, East Ruimveldt Secondary and St. Pius Primary schools on Thursday received a total of $30.3 million through the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant initiative.

In keeping with the PPP/C Government’s manifesto promise, the $15,000 grant along with the $4,000 school uniform and supplies voucher, will see every public-school student receiving $19,000.

At North Ruimveldt Secondary, Education Officer, Ms. Gaitri Singh-Henry encouraged parents to use the money wisely.

Several parents and guardians told DPI they intend to use the sums to prepare their children for the new school 20210816 3

Ms. Felicity Bino said, “I think it is a good initiative. Well, it is assisting me in the care of my children so I appreciate it.

“They are preparing for September back out to school; there is textbooks to be bought, there is school essentials to be bought so, yes it will come in very handy.”

Another beneficiary, Mr. Alfred Comash, said he is looking forward to children returning to the 20210816 4

“Well, it is very helpful to parents who have children going to school.

“I mean, it is thoughtful. There is lots of parents who would appreciate it. I myself am looking forward to putting it in some things he hasn’t had hoping that school will be opening very soon.”

Ms. Bonnetta Wilburg said the cash grant will reduce bearing the cost of school supplies 20210816 5

“I am very happy because at least it will help me getting the stuff I would need for my son to get back to school. Normally you would have to put all the money, but now you are getting assistance and I think that’s very good.”

At St. Pius Primary, Ms. Nicola Hinds said, “I think it is a good agenda that the Government has put in place to help persons with the purchasing of school uniforms, school books and so for the children because being in the pandemic season, it is 20210816 6

“A lot of persons are currently not working, maybe on half salaries and all these things. So, it will push you far as a parent.”

Ms. Karen Andrews, a parent of the East Ruimveldt Secondary, expressed similar sentiments.

“I feel good about it because at least it will help me with my children to buy something for them which in news 20210816 7, I finished buying school clothes, but this gon help at least to buy other things for them. Like if them got to get any text books or whatsoever.”

Approximately 172,000 public school students will benefit from the $3.2 billion programme countrywide.