A total of $8M has been disbursed to some 425 primary and nursery school students as the government commenced the “Because We Care” $19,000 cash grant distribution in the Mabaruma sub-region, Region One.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, joined other Cabinet members as they fanned out in communities across Mabaruma to ensure every school age child in the public school system receive their grant.news 20210811 25

During the distribution exercise at Wauna, the minister encouraged parents to match the efforts being made by the government, in investing in their children’s future.
Referencing a number of investments made by the government in the delivery of education, the minister called on parents to play their role in supporting their children.

“We all want to give our children the best, we all want to give them the life we didn’t have, and investing in their education is one sure way out of poverty,” he said.
He added that while the government is bringing development in education delivery incrementally, there remains a gap between the hinterland and coastland which can be filled with the help of parents and guardians if they simply allow their children to return to school and stay in school.news 20210811 23

The minister also urged parents to utilise the grant in the best interest of their children as this intervention seeks to aid in the preparation for the reopening of school.

Meanwhile, Region One Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, in his remarks, welcomed the initiative, noting that this is another one of the government’s manifesto promises being fulfilled.
“We have implemented several initiatives that foster better education delivery across the country, this is a move to prepare our children for the reopening of school,” the Chairman said.