Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai MP has assured residents of Baramita, Region One that they will not be left behind. The Minister gave the assurance as Government rolled out its ‘Because We Care’ cash grant programme in the region on Sunday.

“Baramita like all the other communities in the hinterland will receive the same level of attention, the same level of developmental intervention and support, and we will work as a Government with the Village Council to ensure that the benefits derived from the Irfaan Ali administration meets the people,” Minister Sukhai 20210809 17

Approximately 401 students will benefit from the programme which sees parents and guardians receiving $19,000 per child in the public school system. The investment by Government in the community amounts to over $7.6 million.

Minister Sukhai said the return of the cash grant initiative is Government recognising and understanding the needs of Guyanese.

“All across our country, there are many pockets of vulnerable groups still existing in our country and we understand as a government that parents need support to ensure that their children attend school regularly, that they stay in school until they graduate out of the different levels and it has been difficult for parents to always meet the needs of their children adequately.”news 20210809 18

Parents of Baramita disclosed that the monies will go a far way since there is not much economic activity in the village.

Cleveland Wilson who benefitted from the programme said “The parents as a whole, will indeed use that fund to enable the children them to purchase their school clothes and get them in order to go to school.So, the cash grant is really a beneficial contribution from the PPP government.”

Anthony Simon shared similar sentiments. “I think it is a very good move because 90 percent of the children going to school their parents do not have what it takes to really equip them properly to go out to school. So, this is a very good move.”news 20210809 19

Government’s ‘Because We Care’ initiative will see approximately 172,000 students benefiting from the $3.2 billion programme countrywide.