“Make a wise investment for your child” – Min. Dharamlall

Some $7.4 million was today distributed for 390 students in Wismar, Region Ten, as part of the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ and School Uniform and Supplies cash grants.news 20210723 2

Scenes of joy filled Middle Street Nursery as parents and guardians of children attending the school, Burnham Drive Nursery and Harmony Secondary collected the cash for their children.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall MP spearheaded the distribution, part of a broader ministerial outreach to the region.

Akeba Richmond, a parent of three, who collected $57,000, praised President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali for reintroducing the initiative.news 20210723 25

“I think it’s good because at this time in this time, where a lot of parents have a lot to do because they are not working and most of them are not getting along things too well,” Richmond said.

Another parent, Sherry Benjamin, who collected $38,000 for her two children, spared no words to express her happiness.

“As a single parent, it’s very hard with children finance right now because you ain’t getting work, and it’s very hard, I know what I’m going through, so I’m very thankful and grateful for the small mercy,” Benjamin said.news 20210723 26

Patrick Johnson, who collected the $19,000, said all of the money would be used for his grandson’s schooling.

“I think the money is very much helpful where my grandson is concerned because you find that this is able to help offset some of the expenses in school, school uniform and so on, so it’s very useful. And I am very much happy what the government is doing with this voucher,” Johnson said.news 20210723 27

Meanwhile, Marlon Belle said the project is welcomed, especially as many persons are still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel good because it is a good initiative with the school system right now, what the government doing, I think it’s a good thing because the times, the COVID and everything. Getting to work like first, so it’s a good initiative…the first thing is to make sure that kids get supplies to school since school starts on September 1, they should make sure to get all the school supplies,” Belle stated.

A definitive decision on schools’ reopening depends on the advice of the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Minister Dharamlall told the recipients to ensure the cash is spent on their children.news 20210723 3

“Please use these resources for the cause of the children. Make it a wise investment for your child or children,” he said.

The vision of the cash grant is for there to be a domino effect, furthering the transformation of the economy.

Some $220 million will be distributed for 11,600 students in Region Ten, representing a significant cash influx in the region’s economy.

“It will create more wealth in the community. It will also redound to create more opportunities for employment. It will also generate greater growth in small areas, and that is how we see the country growing; the country will not be able to grow by taking money out of the system. The country has to grow by putting financial resources in every community. And so, today’s exercise is one of those means that we’re using to get more resources into small communities,” Minister Dharamlall said.

This year, the Government will be expending $3.2 billion on the ‘Because We Care’ and School Uniform and Supplies cash grants for 172,000 public school students. The Administration is currently examining the possibility of extending the programme to private school students.