More than 500 parents and guardians of students attending the Regma Primary, Retrieve Nursery and Republic Avenue Nursery Schools in Linden, Region 10 are beneficiaries of the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ and School Uniform and Supplies cash grants today.

In a simple ceremony prior to the distribution, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton MP, urged those gathered to spend their monies wisely by focusing on the needs of their children. He also advised them to spend the sums in Linden to help boost economic activities 20210723 6

“Think about in the next couple of days, you will have circulating in the Region 10, an additional $240 million. Going to the stores you have here, going to the businesses you have here. So, the grant helped you individually with your children, but it helps the economy in Linden also because the money will be spent here.”

The Minister said the cash grant was launched back in 2014 under the PPP/C administration, but was discontinued when APNU+AFC took office.

“What is sad in all of this is that when you look at the budget line item for this same programme that was discontinued, $1.64 billion removed, you’ll see the same number $1.6 billion in a line item under the Ministry of the presidency, going to diet.”

The Minister also encouraged parents to ensure that they give their children the support they need, since education is the key to bringing them out of 20210723 22

Speaking with DPI a great grandmother, Joycelyn Leacock expressed her appreciation for the Government’s timely gesture.

“I’m so thankful fuh it and it will benefit a lot for my great grandson, because I would be able to get some books and teach him while school is not open as yet”

Marteena Noble expressed thanks to the Government and said she will use the money to install the internet to assist in the her child’s online 20210723 23

“I would use the cash grant to do the internet system for my daughter because it was something we were planning, so this $19,000 would enhance that for us. I must say thank you to the Government for considering our children and they really show that that they care by offering that amount and increasing it.”

Another parent, Odel Gill said, “It will benefit me in a lot ah ways because I would go and get the children stuff that deh need to turnout back to school as soon as deh seh dem ready and everything ok for them to turnout back I would be ready.”news 20210723 24

Over $240 million was distributed in grants to students of 28 schools in the region.