...And raring to go

Monday January 9 was the day all doors leading to the classroom were thrown open countrywide, and by the look of things, it couldn’t have happened at a better time.
All seemed excited to meet up with friends again, and as one student said, to start a new school term, the highlight of which is the Annual Children’s Mashramani Competition.
Sattie Udhi, a fifth former of Richard Ishmael Secondary, flashed a brilliant smile when the Guyana Chronicle approached her and two other schoolmates yesterday.
The thought that the Children’s Mash Competition is just around the corner has filled her with much joy, she said.

“I dance every year,” Sattie said, giving a clear indication that dancing was truly her passion and pleasure.news 20170111 4
Her first day at school was great, she said, as she had the opportunity to share with her friends how the holidays were spent, but the mere thought that Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)’s just around the corner has tended to dampen her spirits.
“It’s nice to see friends again and talk about how we spend Christmas, but then again, by we get CXC, you can’t face the fact; like you’re stressed out that it’s this close,” Sattie said, adding:

“By we’re fifth formers, we didn’t really have a holiday because you had to get work done.”
Over at Stella Maris Primary, on the same Woolford Avenue as Richard Ishmael’s, the Guyana Chronicle caught up with little Alex Baldeo munching on a bag of ‘chicken foot’ as he left school, walking along the road with his mom.

Good to be Back
Honesty written all over his face, he said that although he never missed school for a moment during the holidays, he is happy to return to the classroom where he’s one of the top three performers.

He enjoyed the rain as much as he did the times of sunshine, with the joys December brings at home, but is not sure what exactly he loves so much about school. “I’m just happy to be back,” he said.news 20170111 2

“I’m meeting back my friends again,” said Linda Johnney of Tutorial High. She feels great, because she has been particularly missing her ‘besties’ and other classmates over the holidays.
Linda said she is looking forward to “working together with friends most of all” this term.
Prosper Jacobus and his friend, Lindon Sharks, were on their way home when the rain came down on Woolford Avenue. But in spite of the deluge, they were still anxious to let the Guyana Chronicle know, “I like school.” The two boys are in Grade One at Stella Maris Primary, and anticipate a great term’s work, and lots of fun.

But there was one Richard Ishmael student who begged to differ. “Auntie,” she began quite candidly, “reopening for school boring.” Her friend, however, came to her rescue, saying, that what she really meant was that it was good to be back after weeks of being home with nothing much to do but eat, drink and have fun. Her one fear, however, is having to deal with a boring Maths teacher.
School was reopened Monday after being closed for three weeks by the Ministry of Education to accommodate the Christmas Boxing Day and New Years’ Day holidays.