The Ministry of Education, through the Minister responsible for Culture, Youth and Sports, Nicolette Henry, on Monday handed over a cheque to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) for the purchase of cricket balls for the National Secondary School Cricket League (NSSCL), which is in its second year.

“The GCB is proud to be associated with the Ministry Of Education and its National Sports Commission in conducting and promoting the NSSCL. To date, it has been a fruitful and purposeful exercise. The GCB/MOE NSSCL has enabled the GCB coaching personnel to identify young talent, to groom such talent and where found necessary, align student-players with Associations, Counties and/or National teams,” a release from the board stated.

The release added, “The NSSCL structure has been absorbing our young talents while ensuring that at the school cricket level enough cricket of high quality is played countrywide, and thereby enabling our technical staff to properly assess and measure talent and tract and promote such talent along a systematic pathway of development.”

Such a systematic development pathway has allowed the NSSCL structure at an early age of students’ life, to promote a culture of professionalism among and between teams and players, make them more recognised and marketable, as well as making the NSSCL a more marketable activity.

The NSSCL has also encouraged and demanded higher levels of youth players’ investment and productivity, as many more students have an interest in cricket and are willing and able to dedicate more time, energy and finances on their game, which has led to higher levels of productivity.

As such, the GCB finds the collaborative venture with the MOE, as a critical development initiative which continues to promote a positive impact on the structure of school cricket and its participating student-players, and which has made school cricket more organised and competitive, by creating a wider pool of players for the GCB to monitor and select from.