news 20170915 10It has been 32 years since President’s College first opened its doors. To mark the occasion, the school held a special assembly at the Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara location yesterday.

The event which featured performances of dance, singing and steel pan music from the student body was attended by a number of dignitaries including President David Granger.
Delivering the feature address at the school, President Granger noted that the school is one of the youngest secondary institutions in Guyana.
“Being young does not mean you have to be the lowest or the slowest. It could be you can also be the best,” Granger urged.
He added that the concept of President’s College is to lead the country forward. Granger told the students that a particular word to remember is discipline.
“You as students must have discipline in order to be good leaders.”
The President noted that secondary school education takes place at an individual time of their lives, when children are discovering all sorts of emotional and social experiences. That’s the time of your life when you are most excited and that’s when you need the most discipline.”news 20170915 11
“PC parents have to make sacrifices and you have to achieve a certain academic level at National Grade Six Assessment.
“Within the years spent at the school (a live-in institution), if you do not have the discipline and the common sense to adapt to certain code of conduct it will damage you for the rest of your life. So, this is an important part of your life.”
“Discipline does not have to be enforced by harsh punishment from teachers but it can come from you and your peers.”
The President encouraged the students to remember their duty and obligation to strive to become the best versions of themselves.
He said that while many schools do not have the infrastructure as P.C, “It costs a lot to keep a student at President’s College when compared to other schools”.
Granger promised to offer more support, especially in the areas of science, technology and mathematics to ensure that the school maintains high standards.
President Granger urged the students to bear in mind the necessity for Guyana to become a more scientifically inclined country.
President‘s College was established on September 11, 1985 with a student body of 72 by Guyana’s first Executive President the late Linden Forbes Burnham.
Principal of the College, Carlyn Canterbury, noted that when the school opened its doors on September 11, 1985, the mission was to provide a place of learning with the highest management of knowledge.
The Principal added that the vision of the school does not change but the mission can change depending on common trends in education, challenges and changes in policies, changes in systems and educational demands.