news 20171027 7The Ministry of Education’s Visual Arts Exhibition, which concludes tomorrow, has attracted teachers in the Visual Arts Stream from all ten administrative regions. On display were pieces ranging from drawings, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, leather craft, and fabric designs, at Castellani House, Georgetown.

The initiative allowed the tutors to showcase their skills following training at Burrowes Schools of Art and the University of Guyana. The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to a few of the 20171027 8

Kathy Thompson attached to the Mariam Academy Thompson said while the response to her work has been positive, she is hopeful that her students will be able to visit so they can see appreciate the different techniques in art; which will allow them to grow artistically.

“I am teaching at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) level and part of the requirement for the examination is to establish a reflective journal (which) focuses on studying, interviewing and writing on the artist about their work as well writing about their personal work”, she 20171027 9

Belladrum Secondary School’s Art Tutor Odessa Carmichael noted that the initiative will help to highlight the importance of visual arts for students who are undertaking subjects that require drawing.

“Doing visual arts helps persons to sell themselves, as well as to relax. For me, art is basically my life because I think about it every day and I am hoping that in my near future I may be able to have my own art gallery, and my own business in arts.” Carmichael added that she hopes, to one day, known as one of the world’s greatest women 20171027 10

Tutor Brian Clarke attached to the Saint Joseph High School told DPI that as an artist and teacher since 1987, he is happiest when expressing himself through his art. His exhibits focused largely on the African tradition and culture. He too, encouraged his students to visit and enjoy the art pieces in the exhibition.