Good afternoon colleagues,

CXC Begins Standardization Process for National Grade Six Assessment 2024 Marking Led by Dr. Nicole Manning

(May 12, 2024) Today the Director of Operations at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC ®️), Dr. Nicole Manning and team commenced the standardization process for marking of the National Grade Six Assessment 2024 scripts. This follows other processes such as batching which started last week.

The standardization process that is led by Dr. Manning, along with Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Examiners (Table Lead) and markers is thorough part of the marking process.

During the standardization process, the examiners will be marking sample scripts and discussing to ensure all plausible responses are included in the mark scheme in order to guarantee that each child is given the best possible opportunity to be marked fairly and accurately.

Dr. Manning stressed on the importance of standardization as this process eliminates any possible subjectivity and other hazards and gives reassurance that all markers are marking at the same level.

The marking process continues next week. Kindest Regards, PR



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