(September 21, 2023) - Following the two recent reports of school violence among learners of the New Campbellville Secondary School being circled on social media,

the Ministry of Education’s Department of Education in Georgetown, embarked on a series of actions to address the indiscipline behaviours of students at the institution.

On September 9, 2023, a video circulated on social media showed that a female student was seen being hit about her body by her classmate. Similarly, on September 15, 2023, a fight involving two male students was reported to the Ministry of Education. In the video which circulated on social media one of the students was kicked and stomped in his head by another male student. Investigations into both cases were conducted and parents of all the students involved were engaged.

The Ministry of Education has provided support to the parents of the injured students, this includes ensuring that they underwent medical examinations.

Following the meetings, students who were found to be in breach of the Ministry of Education’s Policy on the Maintenance of Order and Discipline in school were sanctioned in keeping with the said policy document which includes expulsion, suspension and mandatory psychosocial counselling.

The Ministry of Education will not condone any form of violence in our schools. The Ministry remains committed to ensuring that students can be in a safe and conducive learning environment.

Additionally, the Ministry will continue its sensitization campaigns in schools on issues relating to bullying and any other indiscipline behaviours.