(September 16, 2023) - The Guyana Learning Channel today premiered its new show, "The Amazing World of Cho" to be aired on all the channel's platforms.


The premiere took place at the Movietowne Theatre. It is an animated show produced by the Guyana Learning Channel that features Cho, an eight-year-old mixed-race girl navigating her culture, youth, and family relationships in the small village of St. Ignatius, Region Nine. Set against the backdrop of the small village, Cho's growth is intertwined with her exploration of the traditions, values, and beliefs of her family as she embarks on a heartfelt quest to understand the world around her, all while crafting her own path.

The Honourable Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, said that the channel was launched in 2011 under the Presidency of current Vice President, Dr. Bharat Jagdeo, whose vision the channel was for mass teaching and learning to take place.

"His idea was you could have the best math teacher in Georgetown broadcasting to Mahdia or Lethem or St. Ignatius where Cho is from, lessons so that although we couldn't have the best math teacher in Lethem, we could have the children see and do the work remotely. And the channel developed and developed," Minister Manickchand remarked.

She said that the channel has further developed from 2020 as it moved from zero percent coverage in the Hinterland to 85%. She said that this was possible because the Ministry gave all the communities television sets, solar panels and satellite technology. She added that before the end of 2023 100% of the Hinterland communities will have access to the Guyana Learning Channel to benefit from all its content.

Head of the Guyana Learning Channel, Ms. Anieshaw Mohamed who is also the Director of the show said that the initial phase of putting together the show came from having a concept what the show should look like and what it should achieve.

She said once that was done the next step was sketching and creating the characters. After the sketches were done the next step was to have the animations created and packaging the complete show.

Ms. Mohamed said that is extremely proud of her team for taking the idea and making it a reality for children to enjoy today and in the future.