(July 28, 2023) – As part of the Ministry of Education’s efforts to improve education delivery across the country, fifteen teachers from Regions One, Four, Five, Six, Nine and Georgetown completed the Drama Teachers Workshop 2023.

The annual programme was held in collaboration with the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama (NSTAD).

Over the last two weeks, Theatre Arts teachers were exposed to storytelling, costume and designing, play making, Pedagogy of Drama and School Based Assessment research and critic.

Ms. Lavonne George, Drama Specialist at the Ministry’s Unit of Allied Arts, stated the aim of the programme is to equip Theatre Arts Teachers with the necessary skills to enhance their delivery of lessons in the subject area to their students.

Director of the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama, Mr. Al Creighon said participating teachers will gain credits towards the Creative Arts Institute's Diploma in Theatre Arts.

On Friday, the curtains came down on the programme. The closing included performances by the teachers in Storytelling, Stick Fighting, Wake and Kumina cultural form.

The Theatre Arts Teachers who participated in the programme are

Eion Adams

Christine Alphonso

Mariela Bennett

Indra Chacon

Lakeitha Ferguson

Okel Fordyce

Fellica Gladstone

Jude Holder

Tianna Liverpool

Frederick Minty

Tristana Roberts

Christine Singh

Elroy Thomas

Ariana Warde

Danielle Williams.

Following their performances, three teachers received prizes for their storytelling. Mareila Bennett won third place with her piece “Look Session Here”, Jude Holder took second place with his “Midnight Jumbie” story and in first place was Eion Adams who told the audience about “De Sunday Night Tek Ups” in his piece.