(February 16, 2023) – The Ministry of Education on Thursday took another step towards strengthening the country’s education system with the signing of a Statement of Endorsement of the Guyana Partnership Compact.

The statement was signed by the Ministry of Education, the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) and UNICEF at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD).

The signing followed a two-day endorsement workshop which began yesterday.

The statement is a very general declaration and a symbolic act of public commitment to strengthen Guyana’s education system through compact support. With support from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funds, the Ministry of Education of Guyana is launching a system transformation reform to strengthen instructional leadership at district and school levels, and to promote equitable learning by strengthening culturally responsive and effective instructional leadership and improved accountability at district and school levels. 

In brief remarks, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Alfred King stated that the compact was developed by the local education group under the leadership of the Government of Guyana to address key constraints which affect the education sector.

“We as representatives of the local leg, having read, discussed and participated in the partnership compact, hereby fully endorse the compact and its contents. We also commit to mobilize and align available resources to successfully implement the priority reform and to be active participants in the monitoring and evaluation of the initiative.”

UNESCO- International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) Director, Mr. Jordon Naidoo in his remarks noted that the IIEP was honoured to participate as a technical partner to advance the partnership compact. He added that the IIEP is committed to supporting the achievement of the priority identified in the compact of strengthening culturally responsive leadership at the district and school level as well as improving accountability as it is critical to the success of the transformation.

Global Partnership for Education Senior Education Specialist, Ms. Talia Miranda de Chaisemartin remarked that the partnership compact will serve as Guyana’s game plan to implement culturally responsive instructional leadership, remove barriers and provide necessary conditions and support so that schools can better use the resources they receive and transform those into learning for all students.

UNICEF Deputy Representative for Guyana and Suriname, Mr. Irfan Akhtar noted that it is important for UNICEF to endorse the partnership compact. He stated that now is the time to ensure that the education system is more inclusive, climate resilient and accessible to every child, everywhere.

Meanwhile, the President of the GTU, Mr. Mark Lyte expressed support for the initiative noting that it will have a great impact on the education sector. This he said, will see Guyana moving in the direction where children can benefit for the rest of their lives and can change the modalities which are seen around the world.

The Partnership Compact aims to achieve improved quality, equitable participation, and achievement in basic education for the sustainable development of Guyana. Specific attention is given to the multicultural diversity of Guyana, to promote the inclusion of all children living in urban, riverine or hinterland areas, children born in Guyana and migrants, or children with disabilities and ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all in Guyana.

School head teachers and District Education Officers play a key leadership role and are key change agents in making sure that all children can benefit from quality education, to build their future.