news 20180406Today, the Report from the High-Level Task Force that was put together in November last year to address the salary negotiations for teachers was handed over to Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry.

The report was handed-over this afternoon to the Minister in the boardroom of the Ministry of Education’s 26 Brickdam office by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Vibert Welch.

Also present at the handing-over were members of the GTU, including the General-Secretary, Ms. Coretta McDonald, Finance Secretary, Mr. Hector Butts, representatives of the Ministry of Communities, Ministry of the Presidency and the Department of Public Service.

Mr. Welch said that the members of the task force deliberated strongly for three months and would have overcome whatever differences in a mature and cordial fashion.

The matters addressed included non-salary issues, allowances, debunching and matters that were highlighted out of the Commission of Inquiry in the Education sector. Also, the Guyana Teachers’ Union Multi-Year agreement.

He said that with the recommendations made in the final report, it is hoped that persons will be attracted to the teaching profession and those already a part of it can be retained. The Permanent Secretary said that he along with other members of the task force are optimistic that Cabinet would look favourably on the recommendations put forward.

President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union, Mr. Mark Lyte expressed his elation that the report has been finally completed and handed over. He said that after three months of deliberations, members of the GTU are satisfied with the proposals and recommendations 20180406 1

He said that it is important that the work of teachers in the classroom is recognised. Further, Mr. Lyte said that members of the task force that are from other government Ministries were given an opportunity to know the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom.

Ultimately, Mr. Lyte said that the GTU and the task force looks forward to a favourable response of Cabinet on the issues to be addressed.

The report will be presented to Cabinet by the Minister of Education. During the ceremony, Minister Henry said that she will go through the document in its entirety along with her Cabinet colleagues. She said that after this process, hopefully, all of the of the recommendations can be satisfied and implemented.

She said that since a number of government agencies and the GTU were represented on the Task Force, the recommendations made should be achievable.