(October 7, 2022) – The Ministry of Education’s National Literacy Department today hosted a Primary School Teachers’ Jeopardy competition at the Princess Hotel.



The event was the third of its kind since being introduced in 2016. Teams of teachers from eight education districts participated in this year’s competitions. 

The contestants competed in the quiz game with questions covering a variety of topics mainly from six broad categories: Science, Social Studies, English Language, Mathematics, Literature and School Administration. The first round of the competition consisted of five categories with clues that were valued from 100 to 500 points, which were doubled in the second round.

After several intense rounds, the team of teachers from Region Ten emerged victorious with Region Four in second place and Region Seven taking home the third-place prize.

All other contestants were awarded consultation prizes for their participation. Pupils who were in the audience were also given opportunities to answer questions and win prizes.

First Place –              Region Ten

Ms Yvonne Nazir

                                    Ms Cheryl Wills

                                    Ms Diane Retemyer

Second Place –         Region Four

Ms Bhanmattie Dewoekmar

                                    Ms Samina Shaw

                                    Mr Colis Dublin

Third              -           Region Seven

Ms Sherlene Bancroft

                                    Ms Anita Embleton

                                    Ms Eshiva Lake