(October 2, 2022) - The Advisor to the Minister of Education, Ms. Africo Selman, is currently in Japan to participate in the 19th Science and Technology Forum as well as the 19th Science and Technology Ministers' Roundtable, October 1, 2022, to October 4, 2022.

The participants consist of Ministers and Equivalents, Vice Ministers and Equivalents from 50 countries. Guyana is being represented by Ms. Selman.

The theme under which discussions are centred at the 19th Science and Technology Ministers' Roundtable is "Mission-oriented research and post covid-19 Society and Science, Technology and Innovations".

The participants' focus is that Science, Technology and Innovation do not only provide a driving force for economic and financial growth but significantly contribute to mitigating and solving global challenges such as climate change and poverty in a fundamental manner.

During her presentation at the Ministers’ Roundtable, Ms. Selman said that the COVID-19 pandemic was a great reminder of the disparities that exist between the rural and hinterland communities when compared to urban areas related to access to technology.

She said that the Government continues to develop technological infrastructure in those communities that require such investment to ultimately remove the disparity and improve access across Guyana.