(August 17, 2022) - The Ministry of Education will be conducting the second phase of distribution for the Because We Care Cash Grant. This phase will focus on two categories of beneficiaries;

those parents who were unable to visit the respective distribution site during the initial phase and therefore could not uplift the grant and those parents whose child’s name did not appear on the list even though they are properly registered at their respective school.

The second phase of distribution will take place on Thursday, August 18, 2022, across Guyana at identified distribution centres. We encourage those parents who fall within one of the two categories above to make every effort to uplift the grant or to authorize a trusted individual to do so on their behalf.

Parents or guardians must present a valid form of identification such as their National Identification Card, passport or driver’s license. Parents or guardians who do not possess a form of identification must be identified by a community leader, a teacher or the headteacher of the school to be the parent or guardian of the child. If someone is being authorized to uplift the grant, they need to present a valid form of identification and the letter of authorization.

This exercise is necessary to allow those parents who genuinely could not have made it on the initial date to uplift the grant and to ensure that the children whose names were missing on their school’s list are not disenfranchised. The Ministry of Education is happy to give this grant to students for their education so that they can be better prepared for the new school year.