(May 23, 2022) – The Ministry of Public Works issued a Certificate of Inspection today approving the electrical works which have been done at Tucville Primary and Secondary Schools over the last few weeks.



Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson speaking to parents today


Recently, parents of pupils attending the schools which share the same compound raised concerns that there were several electrical issues at the schools which made them unsafe to occupy. Upon investigation by the Ministry of Education, it was learnt that these issues existed since 2017 but were never addressed.


Installation of Transformers

Today, during an impromptu meeting with the parents and some students at the Ministry of Education’s 26 Brickdam office, the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson provided parents with a comprehensive update on all the issues that were highlighted to be addressed and remedied at the schools. The majority of the issues are electrical.

The issues which have been fixed completely are:

  1. Metal conduits are now covered
  2. The fuse box has been changed to 400Amp MCB
  3. The water pump has been relocated from the panel room
  4. The duplex and wiring system in the auditorium now run in conduits
  5. AC Condenser has been elevated 
  6. The reposition panels have been mounted on a smooth surface
  7. The lighting fixtures under the concrete roof have been relocated
  8. The earthing of the southern building’s wiring system and installation of Sub Main have been completed
  9. Earthing of panel system has been completed
  10. Sleeving of panels in main panel room has been completed
  11. A structure was constructed to prevent unauthorized access to the pigtail connection
  12. Two 50kvA transformers installed

The issues which remain and are currently being addressed are:

  1. To fix a leaking concrete roof in the building
  2. Drainage



Fuse Box and panel sleeves Installed


These works are actively being addressed with a view of having them completed within the shortest possible time. Our Officers visited the school yesterday, Sunday, May 22, 2022, including the Chief Education Officer and the Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary), Ms. Tiffany Harvey, to assess the progress.

Dr. Hutson explained to the parents that their concerns are valid and that the Ministry is onboard with them to have the schools brought to a state where their children can return and be educated in a safe environment. He encouraged all the parents and teachers present to work in a spirit of collaboration to which everyone agreed as the meeting was ended. 



Raised flooring in panel room

Further, additional remedial works will be completed at the schools over the next week before allowing the students to return. In the interim, the primary school students will attend classes at the South Ruimveldt Primary School while the Tucville Secondary School students will be engaged online. The students who are writing the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) will write their examinations at the Lodge Secondary School.

The Ministry of Education urges parents not to exploit children in protest activity where they may be exposed to unwholesome behaviour as it does not advance their development in any way.