On Friday, the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson engaged Headteachers of Primary Schools in Region One regarding preparation for the 2022 National Grade Six Assessment. Dr. Hutson was joined by Deputy Chief Education Officer (Amerindian and Hinterland Education Development), Mr. Marti DeSouza.

Dr. Hutson said that the Ministry recognizes that in the hinterland regions there are some challenges that need to be addressed but he encouraged to devise ways to overcome them so that their students can perform to the best of their ability. He advised the Headteachers on several techniques that they can utilize to better prepare their students such as weekly quizzes and specialized teaching in their schools as a way of giving students the type of attention they need at this time leading up to their examination.
The schools represented today are Kokerite Primary, Warapoka Primary, Kwebana Primary, Karaburi Primary, Santa Cruz Primary, Kamwatta Primary, Haimacabra Primary, Assakata Primary, Wallaba Primary, St. Nicolas Primary, Santa Rosa Primary, St. Bedes Primary, Waramuri Primary, Kariako Primary and Chinese Landing Primary schools.