(May 19, 2022) - Today, the Department of Education – Region Three’s Welfare Department in collaboration with the Patentia Secondary School held a comprehensive Awareness Campaign that addressed the use and abuse of drugs and gang violence.



Students of the Patentia Secondary School working on their posters today

The forum was titled “Know Yuh Worth – Drugs Can Hurt. Take Yuh Stand and Come Out De Gang” and was divided into two sessions. Students of the school also participated in a poster competition depicting messages against gang violence and the use and abuse of drug.


Inspector Christopher Humphrey engaging students on stage today

During the morning segment, the Chief Inspector attached to the Wales Police Station, Mr. Christopher Humphrey made a presentation to the student population about the dangers of being members of gangs and being involved in gang-related activity. During his presentation Inspector Humphrey also touched on domestic violence within the home. He told the students about the various forms of abuse and how to identify them. He urged them to seek help as soon as possible if ever they are victims or if it occurs within their home. Mr. Humphrey also shared stories of his experiences over the years in the Force to emphasize that being involved in illegal activity is not worthwhile.


Students of the Patentia Secondary School working on their posters today 

The afternoon session was spearheaded by the Ministry’s Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) Unit represented by Ms. Dionne Browne, Health, Wellness and Environmental Management Coordinator in the HFLE Unit. In her presentation, she spoke to the pupils about gateway drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol. Ms. Browne was also accompanied by Officers attached to the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) who spoke to the children about illegal drugs and how the use and trafficking of these drugs are treated under the law. Students were shown samples of how these drugs are now being packaged and sold. This was done so that the students can easily identify them to avoid using or being in the same space where such items are present.


Students ready to ask questions on the topics covered today

Today’s event was well received by the students as it was very interactive with many sharing their knowledge and asking questions seeking clarity on what they might have heard about the various types of gateway and illegal drugs.


Some of the finished posters at the end of today’s session